Sirjan is a small capital city of Sirjan County, Kerman Province, Iran. It is famous for growing great amount of pistachio as there are farms all around this region. Iran pistachio growth capacity is only rivaled by United States, however, the quality here is superior. Most of fresh pistachio are sold and consumed inside the country while most of dried pistachio is sold abroad.

Around 46 km east from the city there is Garden of Stones, also called Bagh-e Sangi. If you are heading toward the deserts of Kerman, we suggest taking this detour to see this remarkable place that is for people who search for something different and maybe even weird. In the middle of nowhere, surrounded by only a few sheep, a new playground, toilet, and sand, actually lots of sand, lies this garden of stone trees. Hundreds of tall dry trees stretch across the sand, each with stones small and large, some weighing up to 10 kg hanging from the branches.

Helpful tips

Markets. In Sirjan as in every other location on the world you will have a chance to buy overpriced souvenirs. However, prices in grocery shops are similar as in all country.

Transportation. To get to Sirjan you can use car, bus or plane which ever you think is more convenient for you. We hitchhiked and it was super easy as it is county capital city and main country roads are passing this city, there is a lot of traffic.

To get around the city is best on foot or with a car, sometimes taxi might be a quick option as well. However, if you live near center it is best to do it on foot!

Best of luck planning your holidays in Iran!

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