Cox's Bazaar

Cox's Bazaar

Cox’s Bazaar a place not only dear to all Bangladeshis’ but also well known for travelers who visit the country. It is a town situated on the South-eastern coast of Bangladesh, which posses the longest continual natural beach on the planet stretching from Sea Beach in the north to Kolatoli Beach in the south (for around 125 kilometers)!

While here you will see that most of the hotels, restaurants and other attractions here are better than in most places outside the capital, however, do not expect a too much. It is amazing to buy yourself a coconut, sit back and relax on a lovely, warm, sandy and completely empty beach on Bengal Bay after traveling though out the country, witnessing pollution, wildlife and population density.

Moving south from the city center you will enter the tropical rainforest of Himchari National Park which posses many waterfalls and birds. In the north, you can find sea turtles breed on nearby Sonadia island.

Helpful tips

Restaurants. There are multiple places in the city where you can find descent food. In most of the local restaurants you will find price and quality ration alright. Stop by and try local food in street markets, look for a cleaner place and enjoy! Fruit markets are awesome as well.

There was one place we enjoyed more than once as it offered delicious local food and great price quality ratio – “Kutumbari”.

Markets. In Cox’s Bazaar as in almost every other city in Bangladesh you will not find a lot of cheap souvenirs to put on your fridge. However, you can get something what locals are making on spot and that is much more interesting if you ask us! In our opinion the most interesting is Bangladeshi rich arts and crafts tradition. Search for things made by locals from wood, leather, copper or most importantly cotton and silks.

Transportation. To get to Cox’s Bazaar you can use car, bus, boat or plane. In order to get there, we took a train from Chittagong, then hitchhiked and after a long wait for at least one private car we caught a bus. Either way you choose, be prepared that it will take some time, slowdown, relax and enjoy the trip not the destination. If you hitchhike be prepared to face dozens of your “little helpers” who come to stare and want to help but are too afraid to speak out.

The most convenient way to get there is taking a plane from Dhaka, however, then you do not get to see the countryside!

Inside the city you will find yourself using local Tuk Tuk’s, bikes and boats which are one of the main transportation devices used to get around if you need to cross rivers.

Best of luck planning your holidays in Bangladesh!

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