Kerman also spelled Kirman and known as Carmania is a provincial capital. It is the largest and most developed city in Kerman Province and the most important city in the southeast of Iran. Even though it is situated on a level of 1750 meters above sea level, once there you will find yourself surrounded by mountains on the north and east. It has a cool climate and frequent sandstorms in the autumn and spring. Kerman is also the largest carpet-exporting center of Iran.

The bazaar is large, and there are some old mosques inside of it. At the western end of the bazaar is the Ark, the former citadel of the Qajar dynasty. Around Kerman you can find couple extraordinary and luxurious gardens, one of them is Shahzadeh Garden which is to the south of the town and another is Fathabad garden which is to the west of the town.

In the lowest depressions, the dry heat of summer is unsurpassed anywhere in the world, but most of the upland valleys enjoy a pleasant climate. Scarcity of water leads to the settlements and cultivation to become more and more patchy. The upland regions produce cotton, cereals, sugar beets, oil seeds, vegetables and fruits. While warm regions which are in around 1,200 meters altitude grow corn, rice, henna, and also fruits.

On top of that Kerman exports a large percentage of the world’s pistachios as through it as a capital of the province goes major export road from all smaller towns who produce to Bandar Abbas. The province is rich in minerals such as coal, copper, chromium, zinc, lead, uranium, and aluminum, but because of difficulty of access the mining of these minerals has been restricted on a large scale. Whole Iran is rich in oil and Kerman is not an exception, springs of crude oil have been found in the region. A gas pipeline from Bandar Abbas to Kerman and a network for the transmission of electricity have helped the development of industry in the province.

Helpful tips

Restaurants. Kerman has plenty of bars and restaurants located in the city center. However, we always look for a place with great price and quality ratio to try local food. Vakil Restaurant and Teahouse, a traditional teahouse dating way back where you can get tea, find traditional food and a special Faloodeh Kermani desert. The restaurant is located inside local bazaar so if you go there, you will hit three birds with one stone. See ancient traditional restaurant, explore the local bazaar and get to try most famous city’s desert.

Markets. In Kerman as in every other location on the world enjoyed by tourists you will have a chance to buy overpriced souvenirs. However, prices in grocery shops are similar as in all country.

Transportation. To get to Kerman you can use car, bus, train or plane which ever you think is more convenient for you. We hitchhiked and it was super easy as it is quite a touristic attracting city and main center of the south east of Iran so many roads are passing this city, there is a lot of traffic.

To get around the city is best on foot or with a car, sometimes taxi might be a quick and cheap option as well. However, if you live near center it is best to do it on foot!

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