Mae Hong Son Loop

Mae Hong Son Loop

Mae Hong Son is major city in a remote and mountainous Mae Hong Son province which is bordering Myanmar in the north west of Thailand. From here to the next closest major city (Chiang Mai) is more than 350 kilometers. Capital is also a gateway to marvelous hills and serpent roads of the region. Due to its remote location it is a lot different from a tourists hot spot – Pai town. It does not offer a lot of conveniences either, however, in the surrounding areas you can still find natural beauty. Endless rolling hills and mountains of Mae Hong Son filled with caves, waterfalls and almost empty hot springs.

Mae Sariang is within Mae Hong Son province, situated on the Yuam River which goes along Myanmar border. The town has a lot of Myanmar influence in its architecture and hosts many Burmese Muslims who lives here. Due to its attractive location it has huge potential in tourism activities such as rafting or hiking. We believe that many people will choose to visit this city and make it their base instead of going to Chiang Mai or Pai where the majority of travelers reside.

The city itself is quite laid-back and welcoming town that nowadays does not attract much attention of foreign travelers. However, we believe it will change in the future as most of the people we met ended up staying here longer than they intended in the beginning. Right close to the city you can find Salween National Park which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a perfect oasis for great rest from everything. As well as, perfect camping destination can be found less than kilometers away from the city center.

Mae Sot is a city situated in western Thailand bordering Myanmar to the west. A well-known trade center and a shelter for many migrants and refugees coming from Myanmar. This makes it one of the most culturally diverse cities in whole Thailand. Take a stroll around the city and you can meet so many different people from even more different backgrounds dressed in their traditional clothing, speaking their own local dialects. Burmese and Karen are spoken as much as Thai, shop signs along the streets here are written in Thai, Burmese and Chinese language. This cultural diversity is one of nowadays attractions along with vibrant market and great food.

We found it hard to believe why Mae Hong Son loop does not include the road from Mae Sariang to Mae Sot. It was magical to experience driving through there and we are sure that one day we will make it back there and have another adventure through that road with motorcycles!

Helpful tips

Restaurants. There are multiple places in these three cities where you can find descent food. In most of the local restaurants you will find price and quality ratio alright and food fresh. Stop by and try local food in street markets, look for a cleaner place and enjoy! Everyday you can find huge variety of food stalls in the night markets and we believe there almost every person can find at least something what he or she likes.

Markets. In all three cities as in almost every other city in Thailand you will easily find a lot of cheap souvenirs to put on your fridge or cloths which remind you of the country. Local markets will charge you less the less you look like a tourist and if you know some simple Thai phrases, that will melt their hearts away. In shops all over city prices vary around same level, thus, choose a more convenient for you. Tesco Lotus accepts card payment, even if you do not spend 300 baths as in every other shop like for instance 7/11. We found it particularly convenient when you just need something like a water bottle or some snacks.

Transportation. To travel to Mae Hong Son and Mae Sariang you can use car, bus or a scooter if you go from Chiang Mai or close by areas. They are located on the famous Mae Hong Son loop and every year are visited by thousands of people. Mae Sot is different, quite remote and further south, it is quite a big border city to Myanmar in the west of Thailand. We traveled to all three cities only using hitchhiking. At some of the towns you will face little traffic, so it can take a while to catch a car. However, you forget that had to wait after getting to see the amazing slope roads through mountains. All in all, we found it quite easy and delightful to hitchhike in Thailand. Either way you choose, do not forget to enjoy the trip not only the destination.

Inside these cities you will find yourself using local bikes and scooters which are one of the most convenient transportation devices used to get around. However, exploration is doable on foot if you decide to skip on it. Not the remote and more interesting villages though.

Best of luck planning your holidays in Thailand!

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