Bangkok, Thailand’s capital, is a truly large, cosmopolitan and dynamic city of contrasts, fun folks and fantastic food! Wandering through Bangkok is uniquely rewarding, its easy to get lost in tiny Chinatown streets or feel mesmerized by glittering temples around Rattanakosin royal district. Nightlife in both sides of long Sukhumvit road shows how vibrant and different Bangkok can be. With so much of stuff done right on the streets to glittering shopping malls and tightly secured night clubs.

It is a city with a multifaceted personality. At times when you see old temples with golden rooftops, old village houses which could be called museums of the past and brand-new, shining strip clubs clustered in one area may seem a bit strange mix. Or while visiting a local temple it is easy to witness a monk dressed in robes with a brand-new smart phone in his hand. From top of many rooftop bars and restaurants it is possible to view how ordinary Thai life is buzzling around small food carts lined up in the streets.

Nevertheless, its so complex and cosmopolitan city, Thai people are warm, welcoming and even huge language barrier does not prevent anybody from getting along. “Same Same, but different”, probably our favorite Thai phrase which we will remember for a long time. It is also part of their philosophy which defines Bangkok and whole Thailand in general.

Last but not least, or even the best is Bangkok food variety, quality and tastefulness. Most of the people who visited this city are well aware that Bangkok is perhaps one of the best-value destinations around the world when it comes to food! City’s kitchen is growing more and more multicultural as over the years many people from the provinces and from abroad are moving in. Bringing many diverse regional dishes and international cuisine together and making Bangkok a capital of food in Thailand! It is a sin not to try a plate of famous “Pad Thai” where base flavors like sour, spicy, salty and sweet mixes together creating wonderful taste in any local Bangkok street restaurant.

Helpful tips

Restaurants. There are multiple places in the city where you can find descent food. In most of the local restaurants you will find price and quality ratio alright and food fresh, especially seafood. Stop by and try local food in street markets, look for a cleaner place and enjoy!

Try visiting Khao San road and nearby streets which are crawling with tourists and because of that reason the area is packed with restaurants. Go to Chinese district where you can enjoy Chinese dishes made fresh in front of you or buy some of the various bugs.

Markets. In Bangkok as in almost every other city in Thailand you will easily find a lot of cheap souvenirs to put on your fridge. Local markets will charge you less the less you look like a tourist and if you know some simple Thai phrases, that will melt their hearts away. In shops all over city prices vary around same level, thus, choose a more convenient for you. Tesco Lotus and Big C accepts card payment, even if you do not spend 300 baths as in every other shop like for instance 7/11. We found it particularly convenient when you just need something like a water bottle or some snacks.

Transportation. To get to Bangkok you can use car, bus, train, plane or boat as it is the capital city of Thailand transportation to it is very convenient. We traveled to Bangkok several times using hitchhiking, easy and pleasant experience. Either way you choose, be aware that infrastructure is quite developed, roads are huge with many lines and there is a lot of traffic. Do not forget to also enjoy the trip not only the destination.

Inside the city you will find yourself using local Tuk Tuk’s, bikes, mopeds and mostly metro which is the most convenient transportation device used to get around.

Best of luck planning your holidays in Thailand!

Is there anything else you would like to visit while in Thailand?

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