Curonian Spit National Park

Curonian Spit National Park

When you think of Lithuania, you might not instantly think of golden sand dunes and blue water, but here in Curonian Spit you might find something unique and breathtaking. This 98 km length spectacular strip of land between the Baltic Sea and the Curonian Lagoon was formed more than 5000 years ago by sea waves, sand and wind. Designated a national park (Kuršių Nerijos Nacionalinis Parkas) in 1991, Curonian Spit trails across the Baltic Sea from Lithuania to Russian territory Kaliningrad. Both because of its cultural and historical importance as an ancient human settlement and for its natural wonders, the Curonian Spit was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site shared by the two countries.

According to a Baltic legend, Neringa, a local girl who grew into a giant goddess, built a sand spit to protect the fishermen from the winds of the sea, and this name remains on the Lithuanian part of the peninsula connecting main villages Alksnynė, Juodkrantė, Pervalka, Preila, and Nida.

Our spit has an original beauty: in spring and summer, blushing the leaves of the sand plains‘ forests in autumn, or spreading a friable snow cover in winter. The most magnificent element of the spit‘s nature is the highest moving sand dunes in Europe. It is a popular resort that has long sandy beaches and small fishermen settlements.

Already want to visit Curonian Spit? We have prepared for you an ultimate guide about must see places. Read more about it in Day trip around Neringa.

Helpful tips

Transportation. Curonian Spit is accessible only via boat or ferry (or through Russia). From Klaipėda, two ferries run regularly: a passenger ferry goes to Smiltynė from the Old Ferry Port; and a vehicle ferry from the New Ferry Port connects to Smiltynė. For schedules and prices check Smiltynės perkėla website. However, keep in mind that on weekends and holidays there might be a very long queue to ferry, especially during the summer. We would recommend to go on ferry in early morning, as there are less cars.

You might also find useful Seashore express or "Pajurio ekspresas" created by Lithuanian Railways specially for reaching popular seaside resorts faster and easier during the summer. Price of one ticket is 22.30 - 26 EUR for whole trip including train, bus and ferry tickets. The train will take you from Vilnius to Klaipėda, from where a special bus will take you to Nida, it also stops in Juodkrantė, Preila ir Pervalka.

Restaurants. Neringa is a very popular among tourists and as it is one of the main resorts in Lithuania, you might find that some restaurants are overpriced. For example BO house restaurant looks nice to have a drink, but we would not recommend to eat there as price and quality ratio is poor. There is also Kastonas bar, which is a good place to have some drinks and snacks. But if you decide to get some really good food go to Zuikio Darzas located near the sea side. They have a great selection of tasty pizzas, friendly staff, and the surrounding forest is just magical with a great beach looking out to the Baltic sea. Perfect place to relax and chill!

Markets. In Neringa you will find a lot of shops selling souvenirs, but prices there are also higher. Regarding grocery shops - you can find couple small ones in each village, we think the biggest one is situated in the center of Nida village. Prices there are similar as through whole Lithuania.

Best time to visit Neringa and whole Curonian Spit starts from late spring until early autumn. During the summer time weather usually is the best for traveling, although you might find a lot of tourists here.

Last time we visited it in the end of April, and it was perfect time. It was warm enough but not holiday season yet, so most of the time we where completely alone exploring the best places of Curonian Spit.

Beaches. Nida beach is without a doubt the most stunning beach in Lithuania and probably the Baltic Sea. The amazing beach that stretches as far as the eye can see can be found along the Baltic Sea side of the Spit, and the shifting dunes are also a unique aspect of the area. Also on the Curonian Spit is Juodkrantė, Preila and Pervalka, smaller villages sharing the same beach as Nida but with a different access point. These beaches are popular among visitors, who travel to Lithuania in the summertime for a chilly dip into the Baltic Sea.

Best of luck planning your holidays in Curonian Spit!

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