Castles in Romania are unique and picturesque landmarks which illustrates rich medieval heritage of the country. For us it was an astonishing experience to visit most of the Castles scattered through Romania. Geographically, most of them are concentrated in central Romania, however, you can find quite few in the North and some in the South as well. Romania will surprise you with old, medieval, legendary and fairy tale like Castles.

If you are wondering which castles to visit while in Romania or maybe they are not worth your while and should choose some different destination instead! In this article we will point out Castles which we visited, and the reasons why it was worth it. So, if you want to get to know more about the Castles in Romania, this article is right for you!

Starting with in our opinion worst place you could choose to the best Castle in Romania. We strongly encourage our readers to look outside the most famous and legendary Castles and travel around Romania more!

Bran Castle


First, the legendary Bran Castle, situated in central Romania, Transylvania. It was built on a 200-foot rock with imposing towers and turrets and belongs to siblings of Queen Marry. Truly magnificent Castle with narrow winding stairways and quite many timbered rooms. Nowadays, it is probably the most commonly visited Castle and location in whole Romania as this is the Castle around which myth about Bram Stocker’s Dracula was created.

Even though Castle is surrounded by an aura of mystery and legends it was never a Castle where neither Stoker, nor Vlad the Impaler, ruler of Walachia resided. Nevertheless, everyone loves this marketing trick they made, and people are thronging to see this place, make pictures and buy souvenirs.

While here we were really frustrated by the number of tourists you can meet here. It was annoying and tiring to explore the location while there were so many people around, especially in those tiny rooms of the Castle. Whatsoever, we enjoyed the view from outside and the aura of the Castle in all. It is really a great Castle, just we would never recommend visiting it!

Bran, Transylvania – Central Romania. During high season (April-September) Monday from 12PM to 6PM & Tuesday–Sunday from 9AM to 6PM; Low season (October-March) Monday from 12PM to 4PM & Tuesday–Sunday from 9AM to 4PM. Price 8.5 EUR for adults.

Corvin Castle


This marvelous Castle in Hunedoara sometimes is also called by the city name, but most commonly known as Corvin Castle. Here we were highly impressed by Iancu de Hunedoara taste in 14th century. He upgraded previously build fortress into one of the most stunning Gothic-style Castles in whole Romania.

We were left speechless when we first saw it! With great excitement we walked towards it and wandered around. It was the best medieval Castle which we found in Romania! The beautifully preserved structure features many impressive chambers, but most of all we loved to see it from the outside.

Hunedoara, Transylvania. Monday from 12 PM to 5 PM. Tuesday – Sunday from 9 AM to 5 PM. Price 6.5 EUR.

Peles Castle


All Castles in Romania are something special, but Peles Castle is on entirely different level. It is situated in the foot of the Bucegi Mountains in this lovely town Sinaia. It was built in German new-Renaissance architectural manner in late 19th century and it looks like from a fairy tale.

Fun fact is that Peles Castle was the first Castle in Europe to be entirely lit by electrical current. Castle produced electricity in its own plant.

We loved to wander and explore around this fairy tale like, picturesque masterpiece. It is on top of our list and we would recommend for everyone traveling through to stop and take a look!

Sinaia, Walachia – Southern Romania. To go inside of the Castle, you must come with a guide and the price differs of how many floors you want to see, also additional price for camera. To visit the exterior, it is free!

Is there anything else you would like to visit while in Romania?

If you have anything in mind, please let us know and let’s discuss it.

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