Romania is one of the most diverse countries in Europe when it comes to nature. Unique national and natural parks displaying variety of landscapes, vegetation and wildlife. Mountains left us the highest impression as through close to 60 % of the country more than 50% of whole Carpathian Mountain range lays in Romania. Grasslands, mountains and valleys in the north. Caves, lakes and volcanoes in central part when largest wetland in whole Europe situated in the southeast corner.

If you like nature or mountains you should include Romania as a destination to your bucket list! In this article we will point out Mountains and nature locations which we think is a must see while in Romania. So, if you want to get to know more about Mountains and nature in Romania, this article is right for you!

When we begin to talk about nature and mountains, please forget the capital. We strongly encourage our readers to look outside the capital to the direction of north or northeast! Most stunning mountains are in central and northern part of Romania. While famous wetland sometimes also called birds-paradise is east from capital.



In Romania you will find Carpathian Mountain range extending for almost for 1000 kilometers. The chain is not as high in altitude as the Alps, yet they are mesmerizing. Consisted from three major ranges: eastern, southern and western Carpathians. Featuring different landscapes and types of terrain.

Mountains in Romania are a great destination for numerous outdoor activities. In warm season it is awesome to river-raft, go climbing or hiking. While in winter you can enjoy some of the most popular ski resorts in Poiana Brasov, Sinaia, Balea Lake or Paltinis.

We crossed Romania’s prideful Carpathian Mountain Range couple times on our trip and believe us the all over the country you will find different astonishing sceneries and wildlife due to changing terrain.



Nature in Romania is on entirely different scale than we could imagine before coming here. Scattered through the country there are many hypnotic nature and natural parks. One of the highlights is Danube Delta which is the largest wetland in whole Europe and a sanctuary for so many species of birds that it is almost impossible to count.

In addition to mountains Romania is a sea state and Black Sea Coast stretches a little over 240 kilometers. The Black Sea is a continental sea, with a low tide and water temperatures rising to around 25 degrees in the summertime. Most of the tourists come here because of its wide and sandy beaches located in the eastern part of the country. One of the most visited areas is Vama Veche and Constanta. Some who are not afraid of mosquitoes goes to enjoy wild and picturesque beaches in Danube Delta.


Even though we did not visit all places we wanted to maybe it is only for the better as now we have a reason to come back! Romania’s nature was superb and really worth every day we spent there.

While visiting Romania you can choose where to go according to your preferences. It’s a huge country and has a lot to offer. From vast mountains to stunning beaches in Danube delta. Also, if you choose nature, keep in mind bears, they are not only a legend - they are real here. Stay safe!

Is there anything else you would like to visit while in Romania?

If you have anything in mind, please let us know and let’s discuss it.

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