Greece is a country in southeastern Europe with thousands of islands throughout the Aegean and Ionian seas. It lies at the juncture of Europe, Asia, and Africa. The ancient sun-bleached ruins reminds a history Classical Greece, the Byzantine Empire, and nearly four centuries of Ottoman Turkish rule. While fabulous islands and endless coastline attracts tourists from all over the world to experience the culture alive with passionate music, wonderful cuisine and thrill-seeking activities.

Our first trip to Greece was very short, we only visited Thessaloniki for a couple days. As we are currently traveling around the world and trying to cut our costs, we decided to save this amazing destination for another trip.

What to expect

The currency in Greece is the Euro. Even if you do not have euro, it is considerably easy to get it changed from your currency in any bank you visit. If you use Revolut, you can withdraw money from any ATM in whole country and up until your plan limit for free.

The climate of Greece is mediterranean with summers that are usually hot and dry, and the winters that can be quiet cold and wet. During our trip we visited only Thessaloniki. Weathere there was unbearable, air was muggy and in the main streets no wind was blowing, we felt like there is nothing to breathe. So most of the time we explored city only in the evening, when the temperature dropped.

The official language in Greece is Greek. However, there was no problem communicating in English, also you can always use translator.

Well we think that the best time is late spring or early autumn. The weather is perfect for outdoor adventures, and you will have famous places to yourself before the summer crowds arrive. Also the prices are more affordable, so you won’t have a problem finding cheap flights and hotel deals.

We did not buy local SIM card as our visit was very short, however, it is not hard to find free WiFi in public places.

In some internet sources you will find that tap water is good to drink in bigger cities like Athens or Thessaloniki. However, we would recommend to consult with locals if tap water is drinkable in the place you are staying. Also you can find couple fountains of mineral water.

Hitchhiking in Greece was the most complicated we had. It is forbidden hitchhike in highways, but you can do this in smaller roads. However, for us it took around a hour to catch a car as Greeks don't stops because of huge fines.  To reach Turkey we took only two cars, one driver was from Albania and truck from Turkey. So if you will decide to hitchhike in Greece be patient until foreigner driver will pick you up.

In Greece we were not able to use couchsurfing as almost all hosts where out of the city, thus we used Booking. Hotels are really expensive, we booked the cheapest one for 24 euros, sadly the quality was poor. Prices are much higher during holiday season, so keep in mind this when planning your trip to Greece.

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